Imran misleading nation through baseless propaganda: Rana Sanaullah


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Saturday that a group under Imran Khan wanted to mislead the nation through its lies and baseless propaganda.

Talking to the media, he said that Niazi had been propagating for the last three
days that his men were being purchased through greasing their palm, but the
number of votes in the Punjab Assembly for chief minister’s election had exposed
his propaganda as not a single member of either sides (PTI and PML-N) voted
against his party.

He said that Niazi was untrustworthy person and he (Imran) was pursuing the agenda
of dividing the nation and misleading youth, adding that the person (Niazi) could cause
colossal loss to the nation.

Citing the trespassing of Supreme Court Lahore Registry by PTI workers on Friday night,
the Interior Minister said that Deputy Registrar should have informed the government
about the situation.

As a lawyer, he said that courts should be respected, adding that Imran Khan used
derogatory language against courts while the courts were opened for him in the midnight.”

The minister said that Election Commission of Pakistan was not announcing verdict on
Foreign Funding Case in fear that Imran Khan may use derogatory and abusive language
against them.

Rana Sanaullah demanded the ECP to immediately announce the verdict on Foreign
Funding Case as it was clear that Niazi took money from abroad to destabilize the
country and a legal action should be now initiated against him.

He also appealed to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to constitute a full bench to
hear the cases, in which, PML-N was party.

“I have never observed any lawyer of citing the decision of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed
case in any proceedings which means that neither bar accepts the verdict nor courts,”
he added.

The minister said that Article 63-A should be interpreted in letter and spirit.
He reiterated that Imran was a trouble-maker so appropriate rangers force had been
provided to provinces to deal with any untoward violence.