Imran’s internal conspiracies threat to Pakistan: Malik Ahmed


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and Provincial Minister Malik Ahmed Khan on Sunday said that Pakistan has no threat of any foreign conspiracy but Imran Khan’s internal conspiracies.
Addressing a press conference alongside PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar, Malik Ahmed Khan while lashing out at the PTI Chairman said that Imran Khan started hurling insults against the institutions after his government was ousted. The PTI Chairman claimed of a foreign conspiracy against his regime.
Carrying on with the criticism he posed questions saying that if there was a letter as claimed by Imran Khan then why didn’t he summoned the country’s ambassador and why didn t Imran Khan wrote a response to this country?
He explained that the PTI Chairman presents himself as an honest and true person but the reality is that Imran Khan keeps inventing new lies.
“Imran Khan considers himself a pioneer of truth and other political parties as ignorant,” he added.
Mailk Ahmed Khan said the PTI chairman hatched an internal conspiracy by faking a foreign conspiracy. He further accused the former Prime Minister of corruption.
Talking about the Toshakhana case he added that Imran Khan sold the gifts from Toshakhana. There is no better name for the PTI Chairman than ‘Tosha Khan’, he mocked.
According to Malik Ahmed Khan, the previous PTI government did nothing but corruption, they have been stealing from people in the name of public service. PTI has always violated the constitution.
“We don’t object to Imran Khan’s politics as long as it’s within the constitutional limits,” he said.