Imran’s mismanagement created economic ‘tsunami’: Sherry


Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Saturday in her response to former prime minister Imran Khan’s tweet said his fascist agenda of massive debt, mismanagement and violent division of society has created an economic “tsunami” in the country.

The federal minister in flurries of tweets on her official Twitter handle lambasted the former premier.

Sherry wrote, “The country has been damaged not by your opponents but by your worst regime. The economic disaster you created has hit Pakistan like a tidal wave”.

She added that Imran Khan ‘s only job was to protect his power and had sacrificed Pakistan in his unbridled narcissism.

“Your government has done irreparable damage to Pakistan. It was easier for us to let you sink with your government in this historic economic crisis than taking the power”, Sherry Rehman

She added that but by then Khan would have plunged Pakistan into crises from which it would be impossible to recover.

“You would have taken the economy to a point of no return. You put the country in a terrible situation during your four-year tenure”, Sherry Rehman said.

In seventy years, Pakistan’s total debt was 24 thousand billion rupees, Sherry Rehman said, adding, “You borrowed Rs 50,000 billion in 4 years while running a brazenly false narrative of ‘breaking the begging bowl’. In 70 years no govt had ever crossed such red lines, borrowing never more than 24,000 billion rupees. It is you who were taking Pakistan to default.”

She alleged that Imran Khan was the conspiracy against the country.

“So you left Pakistan totally indebted with net payables now amounting to over Rs 50,000 billion