Indian Elections – Facts, Myths And Lies


Abid Latif Sindhu

During medieval times the most practised cultural ritual of dark-aged Europe was the making of perpetual stew in the scarcity-ridden towns of half-humans.
The stew used to remain on the stove for months or years with very basic vegetables and tubers in it, the only thing of flavour was the taste of water and the charring bowl.
Indian election of 2024 is the same perpetual stew, full of tubers, water and the bland taste of cauldron. Indian elections are going to be the longest, biggest and probably the shadiest one in human history.
It will start on 19th April and culminate in June, spanning seven phases of conduct in over forty days. Such a long and phased election has never taken place in human history or the political history of humanity. Under the principles of political science, this elongated electioneering itself is un-democratic.
Electoral autocracy in the making. All the sane voices from India are blaring that Modi is a fascist, a dictator, a tana shah (Hindi name for a dictator), a demagogue and a political fraud. Host of political parties are contesting under primarily two umbrellas; the BJP-led NDA (national democratic alliance) and Congress-led INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance).
As of today, just days away from elections, the BJP has not given its manifesto, probably too sure to win or they have a different definition of realpolitik. Congress on the other hand gave an elaborate manifesto based on five pillars of justice (panch naya) i.e for youth (yuva naya), women (narri naya), farmers (kissan naya), laborers (shramik naya) and participation (hissedari naya).
These will have 25 guarantees in their different facets as per Rahul Gandhi. Congress in the light of its manifesto will focus on caste census, job creation, giving seed money of one lakh to every family for business, and increasing job quota for SCs (scheduled castes), STs (scheduled tribes) and OBCs (other backward classes).
Rahul Gandhi also promised a minimum support price for the produce of farmers as per the Swaminathan Commission, which Modi was reluctant to grant. Congress manifestos also defined foreign relations, especially with China and the Maldives. Now few facts, myths and lies. Firstly, about 16 to 20 percent of candidates of all parties, particularly of BJP have a criminal history of heinous crimes. Secondly, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), ED (Enforcement Directorate, SBI (State Bank of India), Election Commission, police, income tax department and agencies are all chasing and harassing BJP political and ideological opponents.
Worst oppression is perpetuated amounting to pre-poll rigging of sorts. Three chief ministers including Kejriwal of the Aam Admi party are in jail without any charges or precisely fake charges. Thirdly, the BJP is weak in the south and east, the leadership is disturbed by it and Modi is addressing the public gatherings to garner support.
Despite muzzling the opposition and pivoting India towards illiberal democracy, the seat count or the political kill rate is not what the BJP wants people to believe. Factually the 543(total 545, additional two being president’s nominees) seats of Lok Sabha as per political pandits have three segments, 100 seats where Congress will win, around 200 seats where BJP will win and the rest 243 will decide the fate where the regional parties will have sway be it with congress or BJP. Interestingly BJP is sure to win 370 and 410 seats with NDA.
BJP stronghold states of UP, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Gujrat are being steered through the influence of sang Parivar. In the south, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh Kerala Tamil Nadu etc. situation is not very favourable to the politics of division and discrimination. Politically appointed three election commissioners of India are on the chess board to somehow earn majority government for their masters. The 90 or some federal secretaries of Indian bureaucracy are also under a lot of political duress as far as these elections are concerned.
A letter by 600 lawyers about the role of the Indian judiciary is also an eye-opener, if one has some retina in it. Modi has recently been given the moniker of Modi Shah the combination of both Modi and Amit Shah, pilot and co-pilot taking India to nowhere. Modi Shah is an outright dictator and is the voice now being audible in the political arena and trans-party polity of India.
Dhruv Rathee and Karan Thapar have already tried to educate people about the big lies and political shenanigans of Modi. The famous Indian economist and author, Parakala Prabhakar in his recent book “The Crooked Timber of New India” has manifested how the constitution and the secular society have been destroyed in the last 10 years. Same way Sanjay Jha in his new book “2024 India in Free Fall” defined how detrimental are the policies of extreme right for the strategic survival of India as a nation and a civilization.
Under the vision of Viskit Baharat, Modi has many times stated that 2024 is not a fig, the actual aim is to have this political momentum till 2047, the 100th year of independence. As said in diplomacy, the most important thing is to first understand the definition of a situation. In international relations is called incrementalism, the use of the degree of information and degree of change in decision-making.
This political build-up has a message for Pakistan, both hidden and vivid as well. India shortly, under the sang Parivar will never sign some Atlantic charter with Pakistan. The enmity towards Pakistan as displayed in Kashmir, the CAA, article 370, target killing of 20 Pakistanis, suppressing Ladakh, exploitation of Indus basin treaty, firing of Brahmos overhead and blaming for love jihad in Kerala and score of other whimpering will continue.
To BJP’s surprise for the last two months anti-Modi, anti -anti-incumbency sentiments have also risen in India, which can result in many electioneering non-kills for him. CSDS an Indian think tank has already cited massive unemployment, inflation, corruption and polarization as the factors figured out after 19th April.
The biggest financial scam of Electoral Bonds is already unfolding itself as the gyro unwinding the string for all the wrong reasons. This time the Modi Shah of Modi Gate can’t bank much on it. Shanker and Ajit Doval, as now the RSS mindset is against its people, silencing the voices, muzzling the opposition and decimating the minorities. Finally, in frustration, Modi Shah can shift guns towards Pakistan. So Indian election watching is a must for the Pakistani strategic elite as an hour soap if not a rom-com.

The writer is a freelance contributor on security-related issues. He is also a PhD scholar who can be reached at Twitter: @Abid_Latif55