Indian Terrorism and Pakistan


Ali Anwar

Once again, India’s ugly face has been exposed to the world. The British newspaper Guardian has revealed in its investigative report that the Indian government is directly involved in the killing of 20 people on Pakistani soil.
According to the report, India’s secret agency RAW has been actively carrying out extrajudicial killings under the guise of national security since 2019. It is said, based on Pakistani investigators, that the planning of these deaths was carried out by sleeper cells of RAW, which were operating from another country.
The increase in deaths in 2023 is attributed to the heightened activities of these sleeper cells. They are accused of paying local criminals or poor Pakistanis millions of rupees to carry out the killings.
According to the British newspaper’s report, India’s intelligence agency RAW is directly controlled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office. Interviews with intelligence officers reinforce allegations that India has implemented a policy of targeting individuals abroad whom it perceives as enemies of India.
In response to this report, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has confessed to the crime and instead of being ashamed of their terrorism, they are unapologetic.
Ground realities indicate that India’s state terrorism network is not limited to Pakistan alone; there is evidence of India’s direct involvement in the killings of Sikh separatists in Canada and America.
In Canada, the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, and now in America, India has also been implicated, which is clear evidence that India is not sparing even global powers in its pursuit of power.
After the publication of this report, a common question in the minds of Pakistanis is whether the international community will hold India accountable for its defence minister’s confession.
Will global powers question India as to why it is involved in the killings of ordinary civilians in Pakistan, America, and Canada, and who authorized these killings?
Following this report, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also confessed to the crime in a TV interview and has even threatened to infiltrate and carry out attacks in Pakistan.
But perhaps the Indian Defense Minister has forgotten February 27, 2019, when India attempted unsuccessfully to infiltrate and attack Pakistan, and then not only did the Pakistani Air Force foil Modi’s government’s plans but also shot down two Indian jets and captured the Indian pilot Abhinandan, who had intruded into Pakistani territory with hostile intentions.
Indian Defense Minister should keep in mind that whenever India tries to take any action against Pakistan with malicious intent, the armed forces of Pakistan have always given India a befitting response and have always made India regret its nefarious intentions.
The British newspaper’s report indicates that despite accumulating billions of dollars worth of weapons, India has failed, and now it has been involved in killings through hired assassins, which is big evidence of India’s failure, an admission made by Rajnath Singh.
Killing civilians through hired assassins may be the work of criminals or professionals, but a state or government’s involvement in such activities is evidence that it is playing into the hands of criminals, who have been forced to carry out criminal acts by the state or government.
The rest of the world should also open its eyes now because India has not only hired assassins to kill in Pakistan but also America and Canada.
The Modi government has now become a threat to global peace and brotherhood, which needs to be addressed urgently.
The report of the British newspaper and then the statement of Rajnath Singh that they will take action in other countries is clear evidence that the Indian state has taken on the form of a terrorist state, and the Modi government’s enmity towards Pakistan has blinded it to the extent that it is not willing to comply with international laws for any reason.
However, the Modi government repeatedly forgets that Pakistan’s armed forces and its intelligence forces are always vigilant, not only protecting the borders but also taking action if any threat arises against ordinary citizens.
Before this report, the arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhav is evidence that Pakistan’s armed forces have always been vigilant for the protection of the country.
If Rajnath Singh is so eager to infiltrate and carry out attacks in Pakistan, then they should fulfil it, God willing. Pakistani armed forces are not only vigilant in protecting land, sea, and air borders at all times but are also ready to teach any intruder a lesson.
The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.