India’s Nuclear Weapons Are a Threat to World Peace


Ali Anwar

The international institutions must start inspecting the nuclear weapons of India instead of imposing sanctions on Iran and Pakistan.

It is hypocrisy of India to wage propaganda about the nuclear weapons of Pakistan not being in safe hands since the story is altogether different. A few months ago, a missile was fired from India that landed in Pakistan, but there was no damage caused by it. India had termed the incident as an “accidental launch,” while terminating its three officers of Air Force. It is sheer negligence on the part of India to deal with such sensitive weapons that may cause the loss of millions of people. The international institutions must start inspecting the nuclear weapons of India instead of imposing sanctions on Iran and Pakistan.
Pakistan has demanded time and again that there should be an inquiry that how a missile was fired ‘mistakenly’ by India. There should be a joint investigation to probe the incident but the Modi government is still reluctant to initiate an inquiry which raises many questions. According to the Joint Doctrine of Indian Armed Forces made in 2017, only the Indian Prime Minister can allow the launching of the missile as he heads the Nuclear Command Authority. India claims that the BrahMos Missile was launched from a low range accidentally during that incident. Attempts are being made to hide the real culprits behind the incident. It is not the first time that Pakistan has raised questions over the safety of the nuclear weapons of India. The Indian officers of the Air Force have also raised questions over the safety of the strategic assets of India. There are also many loopholes in the inquiry report of the incident as it lacks transparency. India held three officials of low rank responsible for the dreadful incident. There are certain codes to operate nuclear weapons and not a single person knows all these codes. Different codes are sent to different communication channels for verification because there is not any single person who knows everything about nuclear weapons. The officer in charge verifies the information from different communication channels due to the severity of the situation. Now, how it is possible that the code was with the low-rank officer of India who was involved in that incident without getting permission from the high officials?
The investigation shows that India has already deputed three regiments of BrahMos Missile at the border of Pakistan and China. Now, approval has been given to depute the 4th regiment there by the Indian forces. The incident of missile fire into Pakistan’s territory reveals that India has already taken a position in its nuclear missiles towards Pakistan. The missile fire was a litmus test as India tried to gauge the response of Pakistan. India wanted to judge the reaction of Pakistan’s armed forces. The Modi government was trying to judge the response of our army and got a befitting response. One thing must be clear to India the armed forces of Pakistan are alert 24/7 to defend every inch of the motherland. The nefarious designs of India cannot be fulfilled until the Pakistan Army is here to safeguard the homeland.
Now, the time has come that the international world must take prompt action against the irresponsible behaviour of India in handling nuclear weapons. How it is possible that a missile was fired at a neighbouring country but the high officials remained unaware of anything? Only low-rank officials were made a scapegoat to downplay the incident. It is the right time that international organizations should stand up and take stern action against India for violating basic human rights. How can they forget the violation of human rights in Kashmir at the hands of India since Modi came? The Modi government has literally changed Kashmir into the world’s largest prison where human rights are being violated on daily basis. The daughters are not safe. Mothers are not safe in Kashmir since Modi took the reins of India. Now, the Modi administration is mishandling nuclear weapons while endangering world peace. The butcher of Gujarat has literally become a threat to world peace due to his narrow-minded policies and therefore it is time for all the international institutions to stand up against Modi in the larger interest of global peace.
What message was sent to Pakistan by Modi when India fired a missile here? Was it meant to scare us? Modi is living in a fool’s paradise if he thinks that he can frighten us with such tactics. Just a few years ago, India launched an attack on Pakistan in the darkness of night and destroyed many trees and also killed a crow. The forces of Pakistan replied in the day’s light while downing India’s aircrafts and also captured a fighter pilot. History is witness that India got a befitting reply whenever it tried to attack Pakistan. Such ‘mistakenly’ fired missile cannot frighten us at all but it is a threat to world peace.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.