Inflation behind the defeat of our government in LB polls in KP: Information minister KP


KP information minister Shaukat Yousufzai while accepting PTI defeat in Local Bodies (LB) polls in KP has dubbed inflation main reason behind PTI defeat.

“ Inflation remained main reason for PTI defeat in LB Polls in KP. Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is fully alive to the price hike. It is hoped that the inflation will go down within two or three months”, he said this while talking to media men here Monday.

He held in every election allegation of rigging is leveled. We thank that opposition has emerged victorious. Opposition was saying we are rigging the polls. Had we done rigging then would the result have been like this.

He went on to say we are in power in KP but we have not indulged in rigging. At least this should be appreciated by the opposition.

He indicated there were mistakes in the result of first phase of LB polls In the second phase the result will be different from first phase and we will try to correct the flaws.

He remarked democracy should be stable. Such larger elections were held in the history of Pakistan. Due to this we were saying these elections should have been held on non party basis.

Inflation caused our defeat but no allegation of easy load or rigging was leveled against us, he underlined.

We will provide funds to those who would be elected. We will cause no hindrance, he said adding inflation occurred all over the world but here in our country difference in demand and supply gave rise to inflation.