Info Minister rejects Imran Khan’s accusations about Afghan immigrants


Caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi Friday said the there was no substance in the former chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) ‘accusations’ with regard to illegal immigrants who had returned to their countries on the voluntary basis.
“The accusations by PTI’s former chairman in his tweet are baseless. About 0.5 million illegal immigrants have left the country voluntarily and none of them was forced out of the country,” he said while addressing a press conference along with Provincial Information Minister Jan Achakzai.
The minister said Pakistan was acknowledged for its hospitality in the world and added the tweet was just a tactical move to gain political mileage, over other political parties in the backdrop of upcoming general elections.
To a query, he said the caretaker government was fully determined to conduct free, fair and transparent elections in the country. “There should be no doubt regarding the conduct of general elections in the whole country on 8 February 2024,” Murtaza Solangi remarked.
It was the responsibility of the caretaker government to meet the financial, administrative or security requirements of the ECP, which it would discharge along with four provincial governments, he added. He reiterated that the Preamble of the Constitution clearly stated that the country would be run by its elected representatives.
Solangi said today Pakistan Stock Exchange 100-Index had crossed the 66,000 mark, in addition to improvement in rupee-dollar parity. The next government would surely have the country in a better financial state, he added.
He said some elements had been spreading the rumours that Pakistan not on the agenda, but today Bloomberg reported that the country was on the agenda of the IMF Board meeting on January 11. “We are happy that the country is moving towards economic stability”, Murtaza Solangi remarked.
He said during his visit to PTV Quetta Center, there was a discussion regarding the terrestrial broadcasting of PTV Bolan. He said that about 43 per cent of the geographical area of the country comprised of Balochistan and the PTV would make efforts to ensure the broadcast of PTV Bolan across the province through terrestrial antenna.
Murtaza Solangi said that broadcast of Hazaragi language programmes on PTV Bolan would be started from December 17. “We will endeavor to meet the technical and human resource requirements of PTV Bolan on the priority basis “, the minister assured.
To a question, he said that the caretaker government’s powers and duration were limited, but it would take all possible steps for the betterment of Quetta Press Club and the welfare of Balochistan journalists.
To another query, he said that some political parties were demanding the level-playing field, just to play a victim card that would help them get sympathy of the electorate. He made it clear that the caretaker regime had no favourite political parties in the electoral race.
To another question, he said that presently PTV Bolan was available only on cable and satellite but now plan was afoot to ensure its availability on terrestrial antenna. He said he would visit Radio Pakistan Quetta on Saturday to review its performance.
He said that every inch of Radio Pakistan land would be protected and nobody would be allowed to occupy it illegally. Ruling out the privatization of PTV and Radio Pakistan, he said these were national broadcasters, promoting coutnry’s narrative.
He said national broadcasters would be modernised so that they would be able to compete with best workd broadcasters in due course of time. To another question, he said that representatives of all political parties including PTI were being invited in current affairs programmes of the PTV and Radio Pakistan as it was a registered political party like others.