Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah wants assassination of Imran Khan : Yasmin Rashid


PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid has alleged that interior minister Rana Sana Ullah wants to get kill Imran Khan.

Talking to media men she said here Saturday federal government and caretaker government are involved in murderous attack on Imran Khan.

She went on to say this all job is heinous conspiracy against Imran Khan.

We have objection over new JIT of federal government, she added. Why federal government interfered when provincial government constituted JIT.

In new JIT those four officers are included who tried to waste the evidence, she added.

Maryam Nawaz knows it well that she can get every thing done from his father. Be compassionate on the nerves of country. If you are popular then hold election in the country. If you are popular you will win otherwise the other party will win.