International Hijab Day


Sara Ehsan

Every year, International Hijab Day is observe in many countries of the world on 4th September as a day of solidarity with all women around the world who face racism, torture and religious intolerance by being prevented from wearing Hijab. To raise voice against law of ban hijab as they are free to wear hijab everywhere in the world. This dayis also celebrated to give awareness about Hijab and its importance.
The growing prejudice against Islam is increasingly coming to the fore. Muslims belongs to different fields suffers from cultural and religious discrimination. In the lastfew years, western countries are afraid of an alarming trend of wearing hijab and growingreligious awareness and consciousness in the society. This fear has become double after incident of 11 th September. Because of the increase in number of woman wearing hijab in the Muslim society, they started propaganda against Hijab, linked with terrorism, extremism and conservatism. They imposed ban on Muslim women wearing hijab in France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. They also started closing the doors of seeking knowledge, getting jobs and other opportunities from women who are wearing hijab. In past, many countries and rulers tried to eradicate Hijab but all are failed.
So today’s forces are also fail to ban Hijab. In modern era some people argue that women cannot move or survive until and unless a woman removes her Hijab. No economic and social activities take place without uncovering the women. But it is wrong, the truth is that Hijab is not only a sign of chastity and parity, it also guards women against dirty looks and acts like a fort,protecting them from Satan and these disciples. Gowned veil or Hijab wipes out immodesty from the society. When the woman takes off her veil then it is like a soldier removing his amour and becoming an easy catch to his enemy.
The west is on the verge of destruction as far as family and social values are concerned. When women throw away modesty, leave hijab and cross Allah’s prescribed limits then they become victims of evil eyes and their society has no objection to it. Every third marriage ends with a divorce. Western surveys said that every forth women is beaten by her husband or boy friend due to reasons. Depression and mental ailments have lid to suicides. The nations of the west have destroyed themselves and now want the same destruction for us.
We usually keep our precious things hidden from others to safe from external effects so their value will not decline. Similarly woman is a precious commodity. She has resemblance with pearl in seashell then how a woman can unveil herself while going outside publically and make herself valueless and priceless. Husband of a hijabi woman knows that all beauty of his wife is only for him then you imagine the importance of wife in his eyes that how much he loves and respect her which make strong family unit.
Some specific group of people declared Hijab as a sign of barrier in progress of nations. They thought that women wearing hijab are less educated, lack of confidence, inferiority complex, cant eligible for good jobs and can’t face the challenges of current situation. Above all this they can’t deserve better proposal from well educated family and even today’s boys cant like to marry with hijabi girl. But the reality is opposite, in Pakistan 80% boys give respect to hijabi girl and prefer to marry with hijabi girl.
I did internship in well reputed multinational organization, I had conversation with staff members about hijab. Many young male colleagues said they like a fashionable modern girl but they prefer to marry with educated hijabi girl.Now in Pakistan, this day is also celebrated with full zeal to tell the importance and advantages of wearing hijab. Females who don’t wearing hijab, will wear hijab on this special day and some females will promise to take hijab forever. With continuously increasing in the popularity of hijab, American based research center PEW published research report that only 4% women dislike hijab in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. 12% women cant wearing hijab but they like hijab and remaining 84% women like and wear hijab. Recently, we have witnessed that many female celebrities from Pakistan drama industry reverted back to their religion and has started wearing Hijab and Abaya such as Sarah Chaudhry, Urooj Nasir and so on.
This addition has left a positive sign on the media industry which should be followed by others. If I am talking about my experience of wearing hijab, it can’t barrier in my entire education and career. In fact hijab gives me a respect, sense of security and protection which strengthen courage and self confidence inside me. I visited many organizations due to my business education and I felt so proud when they gave respect, called me sister instead of madam due to my hijab. I did job in private university, I felt so happy when my colleagues called me as sister and sir called me as daughter because of my hijab.
This Hijab Solidarity day is very important. It is a pity that the women were not allowed to wear hijab in western countries. It has become compulsory for us to promote this day because now is a religious issue as well as human Right issue. Religious organizations have organized special seminars, rallys, programs and events. I request to all people from all religions to stand up for this issue. Otherwise religious rights of people will be affected in future. We request to all law makers of the countries who banned Hijab may revoke this law as soon as possible.