Journey Towards Improvement


Ali Anwar

The last financial year has been a terrible one for Pakistan, with some political instability and major floods and natural calamities, as well as the incompetence of the previous government, due to which CPEC, the project that will change the destiny of the region, was neglected. But Pakistan’s current military and political leadership has the foresight to start efforts to get the project back on track. In the first phase of CPEC between 2015 and 2018, many other projects including energy, and infrastructure were completed rapidly due to which there was a positive impact on the gross national product of Pakistan.
But this continuity did not last and Pakistan’s economy suffered a gradual slowdown in the coming years, including the incompetence of the previous government, which did not take advantage of this game-changer project, causing Pakistan to suffer huge losses. Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal says that CPEC was and will remain a game changer for Pakistan through which China has played an important role in building energy and highways in Pakistan.
China has completed energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan by investing around $29 billion under CPEC and has addressed the major gaps in Pakistan’s economy. Unfortunately, no work has been done in the second phase of CPEC during the last four years, while the second phase of CPEC included the establishment of special economic zones in four provinces of Pakistan with the cooperation of China. Ahsan Iqbal says that Pakistan’s relations with China, the European Union and the United States deteriorated during the previous regime, and according to him, as a result of a poor strategy, they accused China of corruption and drove investors away from Pakistan.
Two months ago, Pakistan Army Chief Hafiz Syed General Asim Munir visited China and discussed progress in CPEC to which China responded very positively.
Then, in addition to this, Pakistan’s army chief General Asim Munir visited Saudi Arabia and UAE and talked to the leaders of these countries to improve the economic condition of Pakistan, to which these countries have responded positively. On the other hand, Pakistan has signed an agreement to buy oil from Russia, which is also about to be completed, and the delivery of oil has been started from Russia.
Apart from this, a new naval alliance is going to be formed together with Iran, Pakistan, and China, which will definitely have positive effects on the region and the number of Western powers that interfere in the region will also decrease. Then, progress is also being made on the TAPI gas project in collaboration with Iran. Apart from this, the government has established an economic zone on the Iran-Pakistan border with the cooperation of Iran, which will certainly play an important role in Pakistan’s economy. Apart from this, the implementation of the contract signed by Pakistan for the transmission of electricity from Iran has also started, which means that positive indicators have started to appear.
Last year Pakistan had to suffer a loss of about thirty billion dollars due to floods and the economic goals of Pakistan could not be fulfilled. This year, surely the military and political leadership of Pakistan will succeed in saving the country from crises. The propaganda that is being done by some people who fear that Pakistan will go bankrupt, the country will default, then these things are harmful to the security of Pakistan and besides, these things are part of the foreign agenda.
Then, as it has been reiterated in the meeting of formation commanders, the grip of the law should be strengthened against those planning to spread hatred for political purposes against the state and state institutions. Because by spreading negative things about Pakistan, economic stability is not being allowed in the country and secondly, Attempts are being made to make the outside world hate Pakistan. Thanks to the efforts of the current military and political leadership, Pakistan is trying to get out of the difficult situation, which is very welcome because the life of the common man has become miserable due to the economic situation. People want an end to the difficult situations that have arisen in their lives due to the incompetence of the governments so they too can achieve the dream of a prosperous economic life.
It is also the right of every Pakistani citizen not only to dream of a prosperous future but also to fulfil it and for this the government has the responsibility of the time to make every possible effort to improve the quality of life of the citizens in Pakistan.