Karate Workshop held in Karachi


World Sports Journalists’ Day creates new aspirations for sports journalists, says President SJAS
On the occasion of the 98th founding day of World Sports Journalists Day, Sports Journalists Association (SJAS), in association with, Sindh Karate Association organised a “Karate Workshop”. A large number of SJAS members participated in the programme.
During the workshop, Chairman Sindh Karate Association, Chief Referee of International Referee Karate Federation and General Secretary of South Asian Karate Federation Sensei Muhammad Naseem Qureshi imparted modern Karate rules, points system and role of judges on the participants. Athletes highlighted the process of scoring points through “demos” in which sports journalists showed keen interest. Sensei Naseem Qureshi said that the workshop was organised in collaboration with SJAS to express solidarity with them on the International Day of Sports Journalists. Cake Cutting was also held to mark the historic day. SJAS President Muhammad Asif Khan, on the occasion, said that sports journalism is not as easy as other fields of journalism in Pakistan but International Journalists Day creates a new aspiration. Secretary Shahid Saati said this day teaches us to fight for peace through pen.
The workshop of the ancient sport, Karate aims to minimize the scope for error in reporting.
The event was attended by PSWF Senior Vice President Syed Nasar Iqbal, SJAS Senior Vice President Mahmood Riaz, President Sindh Karate Association Wahid Bin Hashim, General Secretary Wasif Ali, Vice President Shahan Hidayatullah Khan, General Secretary Karachi Sensei Naeem-ur-Rehman, Sensei Khalid Khan, Sensei Abdul Haq Acha, Sensei Mehboob Alam and Noorul Bilal.