KMU, KUBIC, 3Majors host entrepreneurial camp


KMU Business Incubation Center (KUBIC) and 3Majors Pvt Ltd jointly host startup and entrepreneurial boot camp here on Saturday.
KUBIC, the business incubation center of KMU, collaborated with 3Majors Pvt Ltd to organize a dynamic three-day Startup and Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, said a press release.
The event attracted 25 participants, including students, faculty, and professionals eager to explore the intricacies of entrepreneurship.
The boot camp, covering startup culture, grant and funding application writing, documentation requirements, and pitch delivery featured a captivating journey of success shared by Dr. Jawad Ahmed, CEO of 3Majors.
Dr. Jawad’s insights provided a valuable perspective on the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.
The event showcased the prowess of the 3Majors team, including Dr. Sohaib Ali, Zeeshan, and Dr. Ehsan.
3Majors recently secured the innovative seed fund by the World Bank, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and excellence.
Participants engaged in a spirited competition, with Dr. Saeed ur Rehman from KMU emerging as the winner, earning a spot in the Hult Prize semi-finals in Dubai.
The esteemed judging panel, consisting of Dr. Touqeer Shah, Director FES; Hanif Khan Jang, Coordinator Durshal; and Zeeshan, CTO of 3Majors, contributed to the event’s success by providing valuable feedback.
Dr. Jawad Ahmed commented, “Sharing my journey with the participants was a privilege, and witnessing the enthusiasm of the budding entrepreneurs was truly inspiring.
We, at 3Majors, believe in empowering the next generation of innovators, and this collaboration with KUBIC aligns perfectly with that mission.”
Participants echoed their appreciation, finding the boot camp highly informative and productive.
The interactive sessions, combined with Dr. Jawad’s keynote and the success stories of the 3Majors team, created a rich learning environment.
“We are delighted with the positive feedback from participants,” said Waseem ul Haq, Focal Person at KUBIC. “The collective efforts of KUBIC and 3Majors have undoubtedly contributed to the success of this boot camp, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs.”
KUBIC and 3Majors Pvt Ltd remain dedicated to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, with plans for future collaborations and initiatives to support the growth of startups.
KUBIC (KMU Business Incubation Center) is the premier business incubation center affiliated with KMU, dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Through various programs and initiatives, KUBIC provides a supportive ecosystem for startups to thrive, under the vision of Waseem.
3Majors Pvt Ltd is a leading company specializing in technology and innovation.
With a commitment to driving innovation and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors, 3Majors collaborates with institutions and organizations to empower the startup ecosystem.