KP govt claims peace restored in Malakand, Swat


Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Information and Public Relations Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif has said that law and order situation has been restored in the Malakand division including Swat, adding that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan was closely monitoring the overall security situation in the region.
Earlier a week, there were reports that militants had attacked the police stations in the Matta area of Swat. However, the provincial government has strongly rejected the reports and said that security forces have conducted different operations and there was no presence of militants in the area and peace has been restored.
Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, in a statement issued here regarding the law and order situation in Swat, said that the provincial government has resolved the issue amicably without creating any fear among the people of Swat and Malakand.
“Chief Minister was keeping a close eye on the situation, the provincial government and the law enforcement agencies well aware of their responsibilities about maintaining law in the region.
“We have resolved the matter amicably without creating fear among the masses,” he added.
If the provincial government had not taken strict action, there would have been fear among the people of Swat, he added.
Mohammad Ali Saif said that the provincial government has solved the matter with great understanding, simplicity and wisdom, adding that the journey of development and prosperity will be continued in Malakand division including Swat.
He said that peace was the first priority of the provincial government and no one would be allowed to create uncertainty in the province.
On the occasion of August 14, three lakh tourists visited Malakand division including Swat, which showed that peace has been restored.
We invite tourists to come without any fear as government and law enforcement agencies would be always available for their security and help, he added.