KP govt refuses to pay Rs1b for BRT funds


The Transport Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Sunday refused to pay Rs 1 billion for BRT department, a letter sent by Provincial Transport Department to Secretary Finance revealed here.
In a letter the Transport Department has sought Rs 1 billion from the Finance Department for BRT wherein the Finance Department releases Rs 66. 24 million for BRT in 2022-23. Funds have been lapsed due to non-use money issued to run BRT, the letter highlighted.
The Transport Department has also constituted an inquiry committee to investigate funds lapses besides reviewing the Transport Department requested Rs.1 billion for BRT immediately to run its affairs without any break.
It has been told that the request of the Transport Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Rs. 1 billion for BRT funds would be reviewed after reviewing the lapsed amount through the inquiry committee constituted to investigate the reason for the lapses of funds earlier on.