KP launches Insaf Rozgar Scheme worth Rs 700 million


3,000 people from NMAs would get interest free loans for business under the scheme
Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has launched the second phase of ‘Insaf Rozgar Scheme’ with a total cost of Rs 700 million.
Under the scheme, interest free loans from 50 thousands upto One million rupees will be provided to the jobless people of newly merged districts.
People in the age group of 18-50 years, who are permanent residents of newly merged districts, will be eligible to get interest free loans under the scheme.
After inagurating the BoK Headquaters the other day, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan formally launched the second phase of Insaf Rozgar Scheme.
Briefing the participants about the project, Managing Director of BoK informed that the first phase was launched in June 2020 with a cost of Rs 1.1 billion.
In the first phase, 4576 jobless people have been provided with interest free loans enabling them to start their own business.
He disclosed on the occasion that the scheme has been proved as the most feasible and result oriented initiative of the provincial government adding that 90 percent recovery of the loans, provided in the first phase, has been made.
Under the second phase of the scheme, additional 3,000 jobless people would get interest free loans for initiating their own business.
The Chief Minister has extended his profound felicitations to the relevant stakeholders on the successful completion of the first phase as well as launching of the second phase of Insaf Rozgar Scheme.
He said that Insaf Rozgar scheme is undoubtedly poor friendly initiative of the provincial government which has resulted in providing self-employment opportunities to the jobless citizens of the merged areas.
The Chief Minister maintained that incumbent government has gone all out to promote employment opportunities in the province with special focus on newly merged tribal areas.
In this regard, Insaf Rozgar scheme is one of the important initiatives taken by the provincial government.
Mahmood Khan made it clear that it has been the top most priority of his government to address the long standing deprivations of tribal people.
Despite numerous challenges, work on welfare and developmental activities are in full swing in the merged districts.
On completion of the ongoing projects, people will feel a positive change in their life style, he concluded.