KP-RETP, TEVTA sign MoA to enhance employment opportunities


DLP Report
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Rural Economic Transformation Project (KP-RETP) and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Educational and Vocational Training Authority (KP-TEVTA) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) today to foster economic growth and enhance employment opportunities in the region.
KP-RETP, a flagship initiative by the government of KP in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), aims to reduce poverty and enhance food and nutrition security for approximately 785,000 households, benefiting around 4.35 million individuals across 36 districts.
The project specifically targets households with a Poverty Score Card (PSC) score of 0-34, focusing on women and youth through economic graduation programs, market oriented initiatives, and capacity-building activities.
According to a statemet issued here said that the MoA aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of KP-TEVTA, enabling it to conduct comprehensive job market assessments and design vocational training courses aligned with evolving market demands.
By leveraging the expertise and resources of KP-RETP, this collaboration will significantly contribute to the economic development and employment landscape in KP. Key elements of the MoA include: • Strengthening Institutional Capacity: Enhancing KP-TEVTA’s ability to conduct thorough job market assessments and deliver relevant vocational training courses. • Job Market Study and Annual Outlook: Establishing a system within KP-TEVTA to undertake job market studies and release an annual job market outlook. • Budget Allocation: Allocating PKR 14.50 million for the implementation of this agreement. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Muhammad Zaheer Uddin Baber, Project Director KP-RETP said; “The signing of this MoA with KP-TEVTA is a critical step towards achieving our shared vision of economic empowerment and sustainable development in KP.
This collaboration will enhance the employability of our youth and ensure they are equipped with the skills required in today’s job market.” Haider, Director Planning KP-TEVTA on behalf of Managing Director KP-TEVTA passed remarks; “We are excited to partner with KP-RETP to strengthen our vocational training programs.
This agreement will enable us to better understand job market trends and tailor our courses to meet the demands, thereby increasing employment opportunities for the youth in our province.”
The signing ceremony was also attended by representatives from the Planning & Development Department and the provincial Industries Department.