Law authorizes cabinet division to remove governor: AG


Attorney General of Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf has said cabinet division can remove governor Punjab as the law has empowered cabinet division to remove governor .
The matters like removal of governor Punjab have not happened for the first time. Cabinet division can remove governor Punjab. Law has allowed cabinet division to remove Governor . Such challenges come and there is need of good intent and pursuing the legal course do deal with such challenges, he said this while expressing his views on a private TV channel on the issue of removal of governor Punjab here .

He went on to say there is always scope for amendments in law and constitution. The amendments are made in the light of experiences. The constitution can be amended and interpreted to avoid hurdles in future.

If the matter is wrong then it can be sent back with giving reasons, he said adding if some one remains stuck to it deliberately then there is no cure to it.

He underlined the federal government has not been formed by the one party but it is coalition government. The government includes all parties except one party.

If uncertain situation prevails in the country then it is not loss of any political party but it is my and your loss, he remarked.

We have to protect Pakistan against the internal and external forces working against the state, he cautioned.

Prime Minister wrote to the president umpteen time to remove governor Punjab, he pointed out. Thousands of people got relief owing to change in ECL rules. All the appeals including Nawaz Sharif appeal will be dealt with as per law, he observed.