Legislation is mandate of parliament not of judiciary: Irfan Qadir


SAPM Irfan Qadir has said legislation is privilege of parliament and not mandate of judiciary.

“an organized campaign is being launched against state institutions. One political faction is engaged in weakening state and institutions. Certain honorable and like minded judges have soft corner for this faction. Election all over the country will be held on same day. If SOME judges will work beyond law and constitution they can be brought under ambit of law, he said in a press conference here Saturday.
Loyalty to state and upholding constitution is incumbent on every citizen, he added.

We all are subordinate to constitution. Constitution is not subordinate to us. All institutions should work within parameters of law and institutions, he held.

No person or institution is above law and constitution, he remarked.

He stated Attorney General (AG) was asked that consultation was not made with them in legislation. What is link of legislation to judiciary. Parliament is not bound to make consultation with the judiciary in legislation. Tomorrow parliament will demand too that why it was not consulted before making decision.

Supreme Court and High court have powers to interpret the constitution. Legislation is privilege of parliament and it is not job of the judiciary.
We don’t want to weaken the judiciary. We want to fortify the judiciary..

Severe punishment will have to be given to characters involved in May 9 incidents.