Let the woman live


Khansa Saeed

Despite being blind, Milton, the famous poet of the English language, said that woman is the most beautiful and the last heavenly gift. This is an eternal truth, the person who has experienced the love of a mother, the sacrifice of a sister, the love of a daughter and the loyalty of a wife will definitely agree with this. A woman is the adornment of the house, the jewel of the earth, the peace of the heart, the honor of the nations, the splendor of the wilderness, the population of solitude, the most beautiful flower of the world, the woman is the preface of the book of life, the woman is one of the most beautiful secrets of life. Is. A woman is the charm of a breeze, a woman is a humming waterfall, a woman is a lantern of progress, a woman is the leader of a new world, a woman is the laughter of gardens, a woman is the fulfillment of desires, A woman is a safe canopy and a woman is the sky of comfort.
The position of woman who was the best creation of the universe was different in different eras. In every era women were looked down upon. Among the ancient nations, the people who were considered to be the most civilized were the Greeks. In their view, women were a low-level creature. In the early stages of cultural evolution, this practice persisted with little modification. Prostitution was the center of attention for everyone from the lowest to the highest classes of Greek society. The worship of the “goddess of work” spread throughout Greece.
Art experts highlighted sensual feelings in sculptures. After the Greeks, the Roman people’s view of women continued to change. For them, marriage remained a legal contract. A flood of desires erupted. Demonstrations of indecency began to take place in the theaters. During the reign of Caesar Tiberius, there was a need to enact a law to prevent women from noble families from becoming prostitutes. In Iran, the world’s third largest civilization after Greece and Rome, women were also oppressed and looked down upon.
Apart from Islam, no other religion gave the respect and honor to women that she deserved. From the study of history, it becomes clear that before the advent of Islam, the existence of women was considered a cause of humiliation and shame. Before, women were not considered as human beings, but then the broad and enlightened teachings of Islam gave women the right to live. Islam gave women all the rights and freedoms. Islam started to be considered worthy and gave women the high position and status that no other religion could give, but as the society progressed, ignorance increased among the people. and this advanced but ignorant society took away all the basic rights from the woman that Islam had given to the woman.
Women in Pakistan are suffering from many problems of different nature. Thus, women are victims of exploitation, oppression and discrimination all over the world, but in Pakistan these problems exist with great intensity. All over Pakistan, women are surrounded by these problems, but women belonging to the working class have to face these problems..
Problems faced by working women in the country include lack of or barriers to significant employment opportunities, low wages, unpaid work, sexual or psychological harassment, discriminatory laws, barriers to participation in the political process, social prejudice. , violence, customs bonds, honor killings, forced adultery, kidnapping, insecurity at home and outside the home, barriers to access to education, barriers to free movement, forced labour, forced marriage, substandard Issues such as housing, inadequate food, restrictions on choosing a profession, barriers to access to justice and barriers to participation in sports are notable.
In other words, we have entered the 21st century, but even today women are killed in the name of honor. No improvement can be expected from mere demonstration measures in this regard. Merely keeping the quota of women in elected bodies does not mean that their voice will be heard, but for this it is necessary to remove all social, political and economic obstacles for the free participation of women in politics, since women are highly marginalized in society, so more conscious efforts to remove barriers to such inclusion are essential.
This country is run by women. If one day all those women who work hard work sit at home, the map of this country and city will change. A large part of cleaning, offices, house consists of us women. So, what will happen if we women do not do this work one day? So don’t despise women as lesser, weak creatures, let women be strong and stable. Only then will the society be strong and stable…