Local POL production surges 2.35pc in July, August: PBS


Overall production of petroleum commodities has witnessed an increase of 2.35 percent during the first two months of current financial year 2021-22 as compared to corresponding period of fiscal year 2020-21.
According to the data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) products that showed positive growth include jet fuel oil whose production increased by 14.40 percent during the period under review.
Similarly, the production of motor spirits, lubricating oil, solvent Naptha, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other petroleum products witnessed an increase of 7.48 percent, 168.36 percent, 15.66 percent, 7.26 percent and 21.26 percent respectively.
However, the production of kerosene oil has decreased by 1.06 percent, high speed diesel 1.25 percent, diesel oil NOS 16.25 percent, furnace oil 7.84 percent and jute batching oil 41.61 percent during the period under review.
On a year-on-year basis, the production of POL products has witnessed an increase of 8.83 percent during August 2021 as compared to the output of August 2020. During the month under review, the production of jet fuel oil increased by 17.83 percent, kerosene oil 0.40 percent, motor spirits 16.77 percent, high speed diesel by 3.15 percent, diesel oil NOS by 3.37 percent, furnace oil by 0.54 percent, lubricating oil by 224.91 percent, Solvent Paptha by 19.86 percent, LPG 3.35 percent and petroleum products NOS by 84.85 percent. However, the production of jute batching oil decreased by 100 percent during August 2021 as compared to August 2020.
Meanwhile, the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL) reported that it production of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and crude oil surged by 9 percent and 2 percent, respectively, during the last fiscal year.
In its financial report for the year 2020-21, the company said, “Despite natural decline at various mature producing fields, the company’s average daily net LPG production clocked in at 803 tons portraying an increase of 9% largely due to start-up of production from Mela and Saand fields coupled with higher production from Nashpa, KPD-TAY and non-operated JV fields.”
Likewise, average daily net crude oil production stood at 36,892 barrels showing an increase of 2 per cent primarily owing to commencement of production from Togh, Mangrio and Saand fields combined with the increase in production from Pasahki, Rajian, Chanda, Dhok Hussain, Nashpa and non-operated JV fields.
However, the company’s average daily net saleable gas production remained 870 million cubic feet (MMCF) which were lower by 3 per cent as compared to the previous year, mainly due to natural decline at KPD-TAY, Dakhni, Sinjhoro, Qadirpur, Maru-Reti and Loti fields.
During the period under review, the company injected 12 new wells, producing 584,808 barrels (BBL) crude oil and 12,092 mmcf gas, in its production gathering system that included Mela-7, Pasakhi-11, Pasakhi Deep-6, Pasakhi West Deep-2, Saand-1 & 2, TAY South West-1, Umair-1, Mangrio-1, Togh Bala-1, Nashpa-10 and Qadirpur-62 which cumulatively yielded gross crude oil and gas production of 584,808 barrels and 12,092 MMcf respectively,” the company said in its financial report for the year 2020-21.