Looking for Leaders


Dr Zia Ul Haque Shamsi

The present situation of the world we live in is uncertain and unfit for humans to live in peace and tranquillity. However, I notice that the people are not very concerned about it and remain oblivious to impending dangers to mankind. In my opinion, it is primarily because a common person has lost hope in their leaders and left it to Allah to pull us out of the morass we have been thrown into.
When I try hard and look into the issues the global community is faced with, I find that every issue is doable, every conflict is negotiable, every dispute is resolvable, and every war is avoidable. All we need is A to Z leaders who are at the helm of global affairs.
Let me explain what is A to Z leadership that I am looking for to resolve the pressing global issues that may range from security to economy, education to climate, and inflation to investment.
I am looking for an Able, Bold, Competent, Determined, Energetic, Focused, Generous, Honest, Industrious, Jubilant, Kind, Leading, Motivational, Noble, Objective, Passionate, Qualified, Righteous, Sincere, Tough, Unifying, Valiant, Winner, X-tra Mile, Youthful, and Zealous leaders around the world.
I fully understand that one cannot find all these qualities in any one personality, but a combination of these traits in a group of leaders can certainly be found, and hope that they together will pull the world out of uncertainty and the chaotic state it is at the moment.
However, when we look at the core elements of the personality of a leader, the character stands out and must be built around aesthetics, mannerisms, skills, choices, habit patterns, education, and cultural background. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of such people at the moment in many countries. The ongoing wars and conflicts, poverty and hunger, climate change, and pandemic, are the direct reflection of this deficiency among the leaders of most countries at the moment.
If I have to single out one letter from the English alphabet, it is ‘C’ that gives me the most attributes of a leader that any nation would look for. And, certainly, it begins with the character, which has to be impeccable. Some of the leadership traits that begin with the letter ‘C’ may include the capability of a leader to lead its people.
He/she must have the courage to face the people for his/her doings and be able to make bold decisions in the national interests. A leader must have the ability to communicate his/her intent in clear and concise terms and stand to the commitment he/she makes with their people and the outside world. This would, in turn, enhance the leader’s credibility which is essentially required for him/her to be seen as a responsible person.
Likewise, a leader must have the capacity to absorb the pressures of governance, and confidently accomplish his/her vision with consistency and compassion. A leader’s commitment to lead his/her people must be cogent to keep the people alive in pursuit of national objectives and stand behind the leadership.
I understand that I may be asking for the moon, but global issues that we are confronted with now need game-changers and unfortunately cannot be found within the system at the moment. Russia, China, and many Arab countries may be fortunate because their political system allows a kind of continuity of elected or inherited governments. However, by no means I am supporting any kind of authoritarian regime in any country.
At the cost of repeating, let me write that there is too much uncertainty, and anarchism in the world today, perhaps more than ever before. The frequency and destructiveness of wars and conflicts have increased many folds, primarily because all the wars of the 21st century have taken place between the Unequal Military Powers (UMPs). This has happened primarily due to the exuberance of the US and European leaders over time starting from George W. Bush to Joe Biden, Tony Blair to Rishi Sunak.
On the other hand, China is quietly progressing without any full-scale war since it became a People’s Republic in 1948. Strangely, the successive US leadership and Think Tanks are deliberately ignoring this aspect, perhaps to please Israel and its military-industrial complex (MICs).

The writer of this article has authored three international books: “Nuclear Deterrence and Conflict Management Between India and Pakistan” “South Asia Needs Hybrid Peace” and “Understanding Sun Tzu and the Art of Hybrid War.”