Love for Pakistan Army


Ali Anwar

A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of political parties to expose those who are involved in the propaganda

An organised propaganda campaign is going on against the Pak Army since the government of Imran Khan was ousted through the no-trust motion. Attempts are being made to involve the army in politics despite the fact that DGISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar has categorically stated that the army has nothing to do with the ongoing political situation of the country.
The spokesperson of the armed forces has made it clear that the Pakistan Army is neutral in this whole process and it is busy fulfilling its professional responsibilities. It is a matter of great concern for the people of Pakistan that some politicians are deliberately targeting the army during this entire saga that ended the government of Imran Khan through a democratic process.
The Law enforcement Agencies have just recently arrested a large number of people hailing from different political parties who were involved in spreading trends against the army on social media platforms. They were involved in this nefarious design against the army on the behest of their political parties.
This propaganda campaign is meant to give an impression that there are differences between the leadership and the troops of the Pakistan Army. The reality is that all such impressions are fake because there are no differences between the soldiers and the generals of the Pakistan Army. The military leadership spent the Eid day with the families of those martyrs who sacrificed their lives while defending the motherland.
The Chief of Army Staff spent his Eid with the soldiers who were performing their duties at the front borders hundreds of miles away from their families. It was the message sent by the Army Chief that he can feel the suffering of his soldiers on a very special day. The valour shown by the troops while seeing their chief with them aptly depicted their commitment that they are always ready on the call of the Chief. It was a clear message for all those who were trying to create rifts between the soldiers and the officers of the Pakistan Army.
It is a matter of fact that the political leaders even don’t know the names of their workers who remain busy spreading trends against the army on social media. I don’t want to embarrass the political elite but the reality is that they don’t even pursue the cases of their workers when they are arrested by the law enforcement agencies.
The enemy always wants to destabilize Pakistan both internally and externally and we all should remember that the army of any country cannot be successful without the support of its people. Thanks to the Almighty that the people of Pakistan love its army because they consider it the ultimate saviour. They love the soldiers who perform their duties hundreds of miles away from the comfort of their homes without having wished for any praise and reward. We all should keep in mind that it is disheartening for that soldier who is performing the duty at the border when he listens to any criticism against the army.
The spokesperson of the armed forces Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar foiled the nefarious design of conspirators when he categorically rejected the impression of any rift between the soldiers and the army chief. He rightly said that the soldiers and officers of the army ardently follow the orders given by its commander. The soldiers cannot even think of disobeying their chief and any conspiracy against him is just out of question.
The existence of this motherland is just due to the sacrifices of the army that the soldiers rendered to save this country from both internal and external aggression. The enemy wants to sow the seed of hatred between the people of Pakistan and its army to fulfil its nefarious design of weakening this country.
It is also a reality that no power on earth can undo the love between the people of Pakistan and its army. This bond between the people and the army is deep-rooted and evergreen as it is also part of the religious beliefs of Pakistanis. This country was formed on the slogan of ‘there is no God but Allah’ and the army is the defender of this very slogan therefore people love our soldiers.
I discussed in my previous column last month that the Pakistan Army and its institutions will foil all the nefarious designs of the enemy keeping in view its glorious past. I once again reiterate that the excellent professional duties of our soldiers will continue in the future too and the evil plans of the enemy will not be fulfilled at all.
It is the right time that those people should be taught a lesson who are involved in doing propaganda against the army on social media. This sin must be crushed with full force without waiting for becoming it a monster. A huge responsibility also lies on the shoulders of political parties to expose those workers who are involved in these crimes.
Such miscreants must be handed over to the law enforcement agencies. It is in the interest of Pakistan to have a strong army and therefore all such propagators should be taught a stern lesson