Major oil and gas reserves discovered in Sindh


In a significant boost to the national economy, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has reportedly discovered new oil and gas reserves in Shah Bandar and Jhim areas of Sindh’s Sujawal district.
The discovery marks a pivotal moment for PPL and the country’s energy landscape. This announcement was made through a formal letter to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, where PPL informed about the successful exploration in the Shah Bandar Block, Sujawal district.
Initial assessments reveal a daily gas production of 13.69 million cubic feet and reserves of 236 barrels of crude oil per day, extracted from a depth of 2545 meters at the Jim East Kunnar Well. This marks the second discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Shah Bandar Block.
PPL underscored the significance of this discovery in augmenting hydrocarbon reserves and addressing the energy sector challenges amid the ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan. This accomplishment follows rigorous drilling efforts by PPL, utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise.
The company’s commitment to exploration and investment in the region underscores its role in advancing Pakistan’s energy sector. Sujawal district, known for its strategic importance, is now positioned as a vital contributor to the country’s energy independence.
PPL’s achievement aligns with national goals and emphasizes the potential for further developments in the region. This discovery not only signifies a triumph for Pakistan Petroleum Limited but also reinforces the nation’s strides towards self-sufficiency in energy production.
PPL expects that the exploration of this oil and gas deposit will contribute to balancing the production and demand for oil and gas, ultimately saving substantial foreign currency for Pakistan.