Martial law has been imposed: Imran Khan


PTI chairman Imran Khan has said half martial law has been imposed.
“Staging protest in front of GHQ is our right. The democracy will end if the citizens are tried in military courts, he said this in an interview with US media.
He held the law and constitution allow us to stage peaceful protest. Voicing protest in front of GHQ is our right. PTI people did not go inside and on the other hand they were stopping others to go inside.
About May 9 incident, Imran Khan said the fire broke out at four and five places. The places like corps commander house and radio Pakistan were included in them. Cameras will be therein.
Safe city cameras are therein. Every thing will become known. This inquiry is very simple .
Chairman PTI said their motive is to get restore Nawaz Sharif by ending PTI.
PTI does not need now electable to win the election. Our vote bank is largest of all. When the vote bank is so enormous then coming in and going out from party by people makes no difference.
To a question on not receiving reply from government in connection with offer for talks he said dialogues have been running but there is no response from other side. Those want talks who want some solution. Only election is solution. They don’t want it. They are running from election.
He claimed government has framed list of 23000 workers of PTI and 10000 among them have been arrested.