Maryam are coming out for long march: Hamza


Opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said he and Maryam Nawaz are coming out for long march.
“Imran Niazi we will soon out you from your chair. How much you hide self, you can not escape your dooms day has reached., he said this while talking to media men outside the court here Friday.
He went on to say court has remarked casting vote is right of every one. You want to deprive the people of their right to vote by holding public meeting in D-Chowm. Ypu have caused loss to the youths and farming community. You want to do what with this nation.
He held the nation knows how to stop them who cross their limits. Had speaker taken oath of becoming yes man of Niazi. Speaker name has come in the foreign funding tale.
It is my advice speaker should follow the constitution.
PLM-N workers should listen to it that it is war to save Pakistan, he announced.