Masood Khan thanks IFIS for supporting Pakistan


“The past year was difficult for Pakistan. We have passed through a wrenching transition and we are moving toward a new phase of stability.”
This was stated by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan during an event hosted in honor of friends of Pakistan from the International Financial Institutions including International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank (WB), and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), at Pakistan House.
“Have faith in Pakistan. Our country is destined to succeed,” he said. “Our confidence stems from the people of Pakistan. We have a growing middle class and our human capital is increasing at a very fast pace,” he added.
Addressing a gathering of over 40 guests from the IFIs, the Ambassador said that we were grateful to IFIs for their steadfast support in navigating through a difficult economic period.
Mr. Nathan Porter, IMF Mission Chief to Pakistan, speaking on the occasion, expressed satisfaction over recently concluded staff level agreement. He said that the actions and policies of the current government reflected its commitment to steer the country towards stabilization.
“With that base, hopefully we can build on and be able to move forward to reforms to build a stronger, prosperous and inclusive Pakistan,” he said. He also appreciated the cooperation and the policies pursued by the State Bank of Pakistan for ensuring fiscal stability in the country.
Athanasios Arvanitis, Deputy Director Middle East and Central Asia Department IMF, speaking on the occasion, also expressed the hope that the elections in Pakistan would usher into a new beginning of undertaking reform process that the country needed to make progress and address some of its structural issues.
Thanking them for their strong support, Ambassador Masood Khan observed that the digitization of Pak economy was creating new opportunities in the country for its youth and professionals taking the lead role in steering the country towards a bright future.
Lauding the professional achievements of Pakistanis working in the IFIs, the Ambassador observed that Pakistani professionals have proved their mettle and have made the entire nation proud of their accomplishments.
“We are a nation of talented people. If you can make it, Pakistan will also make it,” observed the Ambassador. Bahador Bijani, Executive Director IMF, in his remarks, noted overall improvement in the economic situation and said that that “Pakistani authorities have delivered.
“ “I think the future for Pakistan is very bright. Pakistan is not just any country. It’s one of the most important countries in the region and in the world. Pakistanis deserve much more,” he observed.
Syed Ali Abbas, Advisor Mission Chief UK, European Department IMF, in his remarks expressed the hope that with successful completion of electoral process in Pakistan, the country would move towards long-term and more durable approach which would change the trajectory of Pakistan.
Mr. Aftab Qureshi from World Bank and Ms. Sidra Rehman from the IMF also spoke on the occasion and assured their continued cooperation. The Ambassador thanked the members of the IFIs and said that the country looked forward to working with its development partners.