Mazari’s daughter Imaan terms arrest ‘a kidnapping’


‘women are soft targets’
ISLAMABAD: ”She was kidnapped — I won’t say she was arrested,” Shireen Mazari’s daughter Imaan spoke to the media in Islamabad immediately after her mother arrest. “I don’t know where she is. She has been forcibly disappeared by this government because they think women are soft targets.” She then said: “I won’t spare anyone if anything happens to my mother.” She then walked away and said she would let the PTI officials speak. When he spoke, Chaudhry agreed with Imaan’s characterisation of the detention being a kidnapping. “This is an abduction.
We don’t know about her whereabouts. This is a grave human rights violation.”
He added that the manner in which this government picked up a woman and “subjected her to violence and tore her clothes and the inhumane way she was taken [is condemnable]”.
Dr Mazari is a respected academic and is well known for her services to human rights, Chaudhry said.
“This is declaration of war by the government, and if that is the case, it’s a declaration of war from our end as well. Now if there has to be a fight then it will be a fight.”
Meanwhile, former special assistant to the prime minister on political communication, Shahbaz Gill, asked PTI workers to reach the capital’s Kohsar police station.