Microsoft’s Future Ready Skills Program successfully completed first phase with Punjab Group of Colleges


Punjab Group of Colleges in partnership with Microsoft has entered Phase Two of its Future Ready Skills Initiative.
This initiative is a plethora of Learning solutions and certifications like the Imagine Academy Certifications of Microsoft Office Specialist( MOS ) Microsoft Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified Educators that not only provide students and teachers with the updated curriculum but also the opportunity to achieve Internationally recognized certifications.
It has avenues like Imagine Cup Junior, Minecraft for Education and MakeCode that not only inculcate creativity, collaboration and problem solving but also connects students and faculty with the global teaching and Learning network of Microsoft where students get the opportunity to learn to become the makers and not just consumers.
Punjab Group of Colleges is leading innovation across academia by advancing computer science skills for students and faculty through industry-recognized certifications of Microsoft under its Future-Ready Skills program.
Their aim is to empower students to achieve more and to increase professional development with in-demand skills.
More than 7600 students from Punjab Group of Colleges successfully secured Microsoft Certification in Phase 1 with a fantastic score of 90%.
Looking at the remarkable achievement and the increasing demand for the program, Punjab Group of Colleges has kick started its Phase 2 with 5000 more certifications and a futuristic plan to certify another 15000 by the end of 2022
Leading this initiative Mr. Mohsin Dar – Head of Digital Solutions and Customer Experience at Punjab Group of Colleges reiterated “We are aware that with the passage of time It’s increasingly difficult to think of a position or a career that is untouched by technology. Digital transformation is now redefining the way we approach work, as well as reshaping our teaching and learning culture.
Only by constantly studying, adapting, and innovating, we can better equip ourselves for the age of digital revolution, and ultimately drive change positively.”
Today’s students need to be empowered with access to the right tools, experiences, and learning opportunities to build the skills necessary to fuel the future.
Punjab Group of Colleges and Microsoft is committed to equip and support learners in acquiring transversal skills, productivity, and higherlevel technical skills and prepare them to be active participants in the community for employment and entrepreneurship.
Country Education Lead Microsoft – Mr. Jibran Jamshad shared “Through Future-Ready Skills our objective is to create immersive and inclusive experiences that can inspire lifelong learning, stimulate development of essential life skills, and support educators in guiding and nurturing student passions.
Our goal is to galvanize them to create and share in entirely new approaches, to teach and learn through exploration, and to adapt to individual learning needs so they can design, invent and build better with technology”.