Minister for narcotics control visits headquarters ANF


Minister for Narcotics Control Honorable Nawabzada Shazain Bugti visited HQ ANF Rawalpindi on 23rd Jan 2023 where he was received by Director General ANF Major General Muhammad Aneeq Ur Rehman Malik, HI(M). Secretary Ministry of Narcotics Control, Ms. Humaira Ahmed was also present at the occasion along with notable ministerial staff. Chief of Staff ANF, Brigadier Riffat Ali Khan presented comprehensive review of ANF Performance for the Year 2022. Performance appraisal encompassed efforts undertaken in Drug Supply Reduction, Drug Demand Reduction, International Cooperation and Training domains.
Total drug seizures by Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) in 2022 summed up to 227.2 metric tons, out of which ANF seizures were 116.2 metric tons, with ANF share amounting to 51.1% of complete IATF Seizures.
By accounts of drugs make and type, ANF seizures of plant based drugs were 79.986 metric tons (68.95% of seized drugs), synthetic drugs were 3.582 metric tons (3.08%), Chemical Precursors were 25.695 metric tons (22.11%) and other substances 6.9 metric tons (5.8%).
Drug Traffickers used different modes; against which ANF seizures through land based operations were 111.328 metric tons, seizures at seaports added up to 3.312 metric tons and airports were 428 KGs. Seizures against drugs trafficking attempts through parcels at mailing offices were 1.147 metric tons.
30 Internationally Coordinated Intelligence Operations were conducted in assistance with international partners.
Three hundred and twenty four individuals were arrested in ANF’s operations at airports to foil drug trafficking attempts to other Countries, out of total arrests (1508) made during the year.
595 drug traffickers were convicted in various trials bringing conviction rate to remarkable 87%.
1810 individuals received treatment at Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers (MATRCs) at Karachi, Islamabad, Sukkur and Hyderabad.
Honorable Minister commissioned ANF Vigilance Squads (AVS); a swift, smart and service oriented modern proactive mobile patrolling unit, for operations aimed at countering drug prevalence around educational institutions, community centers and public transport terminals in urban areas.AVS in first phase shall operate in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.