Miracle Saltworks Collective Inc Delegation Visit FPCCI


The special focus being given by the government of Pakistan to regularize salt trade and develop a branding mechanism to sell the commodity in international market at competitive price will definitely give a new impetus to the industry, this was stated by Malik Sohail, Chairman Coordination of FPCCI on behalf of President FPCCI Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh in a meeting with President and Chairman of Board of Directors of Miracle Salt Collective Inc. USA who visited FPCCI Capital Office, Islamabad along with CEO of the company Mr. Robert Harrison and Mr. Tad Ballantyne, Vice President Global Financing, Mr. Jaffery Meilander, VP Operation and Martyn Element.
The meeting was attended by a large number of people from mineral and mining and other sector of Pakistan prominently Dr. Afshan Malik, Advoiser to President FPCCI, Mr. Arham Ikram Convener FPCCI Standing Committee, Mr. Mr. Shokuat Masood, Mr. Johar Ali raki former Vice President FPCCI, Mr. Ahmed Khan President IIA, Mr. Shakeel Munir, Zahid Maqbool Former President ICCI, M. Arif But, Farukh Alvi, Syed Ariqee Ahmed Gilani, Ghulam Nasir, Abdul Wahab Bezinjo and other.
While highlighting the pivotal role of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) to enhance trade and economic activities of Pakistan both on national and global level, Malik Sohail informed that on behalf of President FPCCI Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh lauded the MOU signed between Miracle Salt Collective Inc. USA and Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and said that it will go along way to explore new opportunities and open new avenues.
He drew the attention of the company’s executives towards the mineral and mines potential of Pakistan and highlighted several minerals including coal, gypsum, limestone, gold, chromite, coal.
He said that huge deposits of gypsum are found in Baluchistan province and similarly there is huge deposit of coal in Sindh province. Regarding coal he stated that there is a need to develop technology to mix lignitic and metallic coal.
He further said that cement raw materials are common in Pakistan so installation of more cement industries can help a great for the country’s economy by exporting it to earn foreign exchange.
Sohail Malik said that Pakistan possesses one of the world’s largest salt deposits stretching over 209 km area lying between Jhelum and Kohat districts and the Khewra salt mines in Jhelum is the second largest salt mine in the world but Pakistan is remained on 20th place in the list of salt exporting countries.
He further said that the GI tag for pink salt will serve as a potential economic tool to promote and enhance national and international trade of Pakistan and earn revenue.
On the occasion, the President of Miracle Salt Collective Inc. USA Mr. Ahmed Khan who is a non-resident Pakistani shared his views that Pakistan have abundant natural resources and pink salt is a unique and revolutionary thing.
Despite of huge deposits of pink salt, Pakistan have not so far benefited from it. He said that 45 countries are processing and value adding and packing the packing salt with their unique brands so why not Pakistan is doing this. He said that consistent policies and positive approach are important for any kind of business.
The delegation viewed that Pakistan could take advantage of the huge salt market across the world by ensuring value addition through responsible mining, processing, and marketing.
It was told that the company would invest in the salt mining sector of Pakistan and would utilize modern technology for mining and processing to ensure minimum wastage during the processes.
One of the participants from Chinar Desert said there is need to establish training centers and laboratories in manning areas to equip and educate the inhabitants technically and to facilitate the mine owners to get test their products from nearest laboratory.