Miscarriage of justice


Forget Article 370! No point in worrying about the plight of millions of Kashmiris whose lives were turned upside down by a single signature of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country’s supreme court sends out a shrill message as it upholds its earlier vote of endorsement.
This decision has sparked outrage and condemnation from all corners of the world, as it blatantly disregards the rights and aspirations of the people of Kashmir. Representing a gross miscarriage of justice, the Supreme Court has chosen to rubber-stamp the Modi government’s authoritarian agenda. This decision has effectively legitimized the illegal and unconstitutional actions taken by the Indian government in Kashmir.
The revocation of Article 370 and the subsequent endorsement by the Supreme Court constitute a clear violation of international law. The United Nations has repeatedly affirmed the right of the people of Kashmir to self-determination, yet the Indian government continues to disregard these resolutions. By unlawfully changing the status of Kashmir, India has flouted international norms and conventions, further destabilizing an already volatile region.
New Delhi is yet to explain its long list of nauseating human rights abuses, Brutal crackdown remains the norm as the region has been subjected to a draconian security lockdown, with widespread reports of human rights abuses and atrocities committed by Indian security forces. That the top court of a country that leaves no stone unturned for the international community to celebrate its diversity, and its secular character, did not bat an eyelid when told about these tragic government policies reflects grossly on the entire society that has willing chosen to condone these violations and perpetuate the cycle of violence and oppression.
Pakistan has rejected the Indian Supreme Court’s order on Kashmir, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy. The frosty relations between India and Pakistan are likely to worsen as a result of this decision, further destabilizing the region and jeopardizing peace and security.
But come what may, the size of the bully cannot make light of his crimes, The rights and aspirations of the people of Kashmir must be respected. Sooner rather than later, the world would have to fight for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, which can only be pursued through dialogue and diplomacy.