Momina Iqbal Exposes Fakeness Of Social Media


ISLAMABAD: Momina Iqbal is not too old in the drama industry. She started out with modelling and later on came towards acting. She has impressed the viewers from her very first appearance and people always appreciate her beauty, talent and willingness to take on diverse characters. She has done both positive and negative roles convincingly in the last few years. Momina Iqbal is a very frank person and she always speaks the truth during interviews. She is open about her feelings, emotions and opinions and says it like it is. She was a guest on Fuchsia Magazine’s Ramadan special and she talked about how social media is not what it seems to be. She said that she often sees people posting pictures early in the morning and she keeps thinking that how are these people so efficient. She went on to reveal that sometimes she posts a picture that is a week old and people think that this is a present click. Thus social media is largely fake and not everything you see on social media is actually happening in reality. Online