Momina Iqbal Reveals Her Beauty Created Problems For Her


Momina Iqbal is a beautiful and talented actress who got noticed by everyone for her role in the drama Ehd e Wafa. She has since become a household name and we have seen her working in many projects and performing all characters ranging from positive to grey to negative. Momina Iqbal is well-known for her beauty and how natural her performances are.
Momina Iqbal gets a lot of compliments on her beauty and she is an actress who carries both Eastern and Western wear with grace and poise, She was a guest on Mazaq Raat and she shared how her beauty has actually affected her in her life.
She shared that her beauty has not really helped her in her career.
It has mostly affected her rather adversely as people around you get insecure and jealous and start emanating a bad energy towards you. Thus her beauty has only ever created problems for her and she has experienced this multiple times in her life.