Money laundering case: Court accepts interim bail pleas of PM Shahbaz Sharif, CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz, others


Special Central Court (SCC) Lahore has accepted interim bail pleas of Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Hamza Shahbaz against two surety bonds in the sum of Rs 10 lac each in money laundering case.
The court has confirmed the interim bails of the other co-accused against the surety bonds in the sum of Rs 2 lac each.
PM said while appearing in the court that he has nothing to do with any sugar mill. I don’t draw salary I
am neither CEO nor share holder. This all is pack of lies. NAB went to Supreme Court (SC) against me
and when the court sought evidence then it fled.

PM Shahbaz Sharif, CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz appeared in the SCC Lahore Saturday in money
laundering case.

FIA prosecutor Farooq Bajwa while presenting report told the court the three accused are not present
on the given addresses .

The court inquired from FIA the news item is running on TV that co-accused Malik Maqsood has
passed away.

FIA Prosecutor replied the death of Malik Maqsood has not been confirmed officially so far. We have
written to Interpol for confirmation. As per media report Malik Maqsood has passed away.

The court inquired how will then we declare Malik Maqsood proclaimed offender.

The court ordered to initiate proceedings to declare Tahir Naqvi and Suleman Shahbaz proclaimed

During the hearing of the case PM said while recording his statement, grave charges have been levied
against me. I have appeared in the court dozens of time. I want to tell the court some thing. FIA delayed
the challan to find way to arrest me.

The judge of SCC questioned from PM “ have you no share in sugar mills.

Shahbaz Sharif said “ neither I am owner nor director or share holder of sugar mill. If I was to commit
corruption or to do money laundering then I would have taken benefit what I could have enjoyed
legally. If I was to get into the black business of money laundering then why I would have caused loss to
my family sugar mills. I did not allow subsidy to sugar mill so that no financial burden is shifted to
national kitty.

He further stated “ I gave Bollan vehicles to the jobless poor people in 2011-12.These are 99.99 percent
are the same charges which were leveled by NAB.

He said “ when I was opposition leader then NAB did not go to SC. Prosecution said this is not case of
money laundering and corruption. There can be nothing honorable thing for me than that I was
acquitted on merit. 4 judges remarked that no evidence was found of corruption and money laundering
and benami assets. When my bail plea came up before the court then 4 judges gave decision in my favor.
I said to FIA I will not give them reply verbal. I will give reply after consultation with my lawyers. When
I was in prison then the FIA conducted investigation twice.

He added this is all pack of lies. My counsel has given all the arguments regarding my bail. No
corruption case has been proved against me. God has bestowed the premiership on me twice. .

FIA prosecutor Farooq Bajwa told the court the attitude of the accused was found positive during bail
period. It is correct that Shahbaz Sharif has no direct connectivity with Ramzan Sugar Mills. Shahbaz
Sharif is neither director nor CEO. 4 suspicious transactions were found in Shahbaz Sharif account.
Hamza Shahbaz who was MNA at that time was CEO of sugar mill.

Later the court allowed Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz to go.

The court reserved judgment on the bail pleas of the accused after completion of the arguments by the
Lawyers and later the verdict was announced.

The court ordered the accused to submit the surety bonds within 7 days.