MQM, GDA covering up govt’s failure: Saeed Ghani


Sindh Information and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani has said that the Muttaheda Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) were criticizing the local government system in Sindh to cover up anti-people measures of their incompetent federal government and t0 mislead the people.
“They want to provoke ethnic riots in Karachi to put aside public issues especially inflation, unemployment, gas crisis, increase in electricity and petrol prices, conscious increase in prices of medicines and other public issues” Saeed Ghani said while addressing a press talk in Karachi on Saturday.
The provincial minister said that PPP was the only political party to protest against the problems faced by people due to inflation and incompetence of the present government. “Government members are celebrating anti-people mini-budget and they have been supported by MQM and GDA members who claim to represent the people” he maintained.
He said that GDA and MQP were ‘playing tricks’ under the guise of local government system, but were silent on the real issues of Pakistan. “Sugar prices are rising day by day. The prices of daily-use medicines, especially those with diabetes and high blood pressure have become out of poor’s buying capacity” he lamented the federal government for increase in prices of life-saving drugs.