Murree Brewery announces sponsorship of a book written on vintage and antique cars in Pakistan


Murree Brewery Company has announced the launch of the book “Vintage and Antique Cars of Pakistan” written by Mohsin Ikram, President of Vintage and Classic Car Club Pakistan.
This was announced by the Murree Brewery’s Chief Executive Officer, Isphanyar Bhandara at a press conference here on Thursday. He was accompanied by Mohsin Ikram who is the author of the book and president of Vintage and Classic Car Club Pakistan.
On this occasion, the media was informed that a book is being written about the vanishing cars in Pakistan under the title “Vintage and Antique Cars of Pakistan” written by Mohsin Ikram and Naeem Baloch of Letopical Printers is the publisher of this book. The media was told that the book would consist of 300 pages with details of 100 antique cars.
Isphanyar Bhandara, Chief Executive Officer of Murree Brewery, described the book as a great option for car lovers in Pakistan and said “we want to preserve the historical and ancient inheritance and are hopeful to showcase this heritage to the world. Previously through Murree Brewery, three books including Kalasha, Rawalpindi, Gems and Jewels have been published and this is the fourth book we are sponsoring.”
The author of the book, Mohsin Ikram, thanked Murree Brewery for their support and said, “This is my hobby. Vintage means old-fashioned cars, cars that are obsolete. We want to tell the world about the vehicles driven here in the past that will help create a softer image of the country. Older cars are an asset, just as buildings are a national asset. Old cars were not made on computers, they were designed with ideas in mind. This book will be a good addition from a historical point of view. It will be read not only in Pakistan but also in other countries around the world.” In reply to a question, he said “it could take around six months to prepare this book. There are about ten vintage cars in Islamabad which are considered as an ancient asset. Along with the book, a video CD of the cars will also be included. This book will not be expensive but will be affordable to the common man.”