Mushaal blasts Indian govt for illegal detentions of Yasin, Parvez


Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation Mushaal Hussein Mullick lambasted the fascist Narendra Modi-led government for unlawful of detention of thousands of innocent Kashmiris including senior Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik and human right defender Khurran Parvez, demanding the world to take notice of the alarming upsurge in human rights violations in the occupied valley since August 5, 2019.
Mushaal, wife of incarcerated Hurriyat Leader Yasin Malik, in a statement on Wednesday stated that the Hindutva regime converted the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) into a slaughter house and the world largest open prison.
She said that Kashmiri Human Rights Defender Khurram Parvez had been in the illegal detention of the Indian authorities for his crime to expose the world worst human rights abuses being committed by the brutal Indian forces in the scenic valley.
Mushaal dismayed at the continued deprivation of liberty of Parvez and said that it was nothing but an act of retaliation against a human rights defender for his tireless work documenting and reporting serious human rights violations, including enforced disappearances and unlawful killings in IIOJK
The chairperson expressed apprehension that Khurram Parvez, who is presently detained at the Rohini Jail in New Delhi, if convicted could face up to 14 years of imprisonment or even the death penalty like Yasin Malik in fake and fabricated cases. Therefore, she urged the world community and human rights activists to force the Indian government to ensure release of Yasin Malik and Parvez languishing in unlawful detentions for their sole crime to raise voice against Indian state terrorism and barbarism.
Mushaal said that Yasin Malik, who was facing serious issues, but even then neither he was provided medical nor legal facilities because the Indian government wanted to silence him come what may because he is the most powerful voice of Kashmir freedom movement at present.
She said that The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) court in Jammu on Wednesday issued a production warrant for Yasin Malik accused in the concocted case of killing of Indian Air Force official and the next date of hearing would be on December 22, 2022. Talking about the alarming upsurge in human rights violations in the valley, Mushaal stated that extrajudicial killings and fake encounters continued to surface from time to time in IIOJK.
She said that around 663 innocent Kashmiris fell to Indian bullets since August 5, 5 2019 in the scenic valley, besides arresting 17993 people arrested during the same period. Mushaal shared further details that 2278 were injured and 1093 houses were destroyed as well as 125 women were molested by brutal Indian troops.
She said that the occupied valley became the highest militarized zone in the world, which had been under brutal military siege since Indian illegally landed its troops in Srinagar on 27 October 1947.
The Chairperson urged the world powers to shun the duplicity and looked into the world worst human right violations in the occupied territory and accelerated efforts to ensure speedy and just resolution of Kashmir dispute as per the UN agreed formula sans any further delay.