Muslim humiliation


It also appears that the Hindutva-influenced policies followed by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are bent upon crushing the minority communities, particularly Muslims, through application of the coercive powers of the state and as is reported lately that the state apparatus has been instructed to do the needful. It is evident from the fact that Hindutva is reigning supreme in India and is spreading it tentacles far and wide. It is more than obvious that the increasing writ of Hindutva is almost becoming unchallengeable for the primary reason that it performs under the aegis of state machinery.
The recent development has taken place in respect of the fresh arrests regarding killing of a Hindu tailor in Rajasthan who was known for injuring the religious sentiments of Muslims by casting aspersions on the revered personalities of Islam. This development is the latest in a series of state coercion perpetrated by the Indian Muslims as they are also subjected to bulldozer justice whereby scores of dwellings and businesses have been flattened by wrecking crews in a campaign authorities have promoted by turns as a battle against illegal construction and a firm response to criminal activity.
However, rights groups have condemned this despicable bulldozer justice as an unlawful exercise in collective punishment by India’s Hindu nationalist government and many of the campaign’s victims have one thing in common that they are invariably Muslims. Since then bulldozer politics have spread elsewhere in the country and demolition campaigns have begun quickly following on the heels of outbreaks of religious unrest.
After a violent confrontation in April between Hindus trailing a religious procession and Muslims holding Ramzan prayers, authorities in Delhi knocked down nearly two dozen Muslim shopfronts and the facade of a mosque, defying a court order to stop. Officials simply toed the official line and stated that the spate of demolitions is lawful as they only target buildings constructed without legal approval.
But victims of the campaign deny that their dwellings are illegal and say they are not given the legally required notice period to dispute demolition orders. The houses were demolished in the presence of hundreds of police and hundreds of cameras with no empathy indicating that such actions have no comparison for this ruthlessness. It is pointed out by many observers that the government’s campaign is the latest manifestation of the BJP’s discriminatory policies towards India’s 200 million-strong Muslim minority community.
It is added that they have an ideological commitment that in India they have to make Muslims a second-class citizen, socially humiliate them and destroy their property. This observation is echoed by the Amnesty International that stated that the demolitions were part of a selective and vicious crackdown on Indian Muslims who dared to speak up against the discrimination they faced. Many Muslims living in Uttar Pradesh now fear their own homes are being earmarked for destruction after their family members participated in last month’s protests.
Muslims now are subjected to sleepless nights and restless days and many are fearful as they have received orders to vacate their houses as they were found participating in a demonstration. Residents of many residential areas lie under constant fears as bulldozers remain parked outside the police stations near their homes.