NAB Ex-Chief in Trouble


Even a superficial glance at the controversial chronicles echoing in the Public Accounts Committee is enough reason for the entire nation to hand its head in shame.
But there’s more, the distasteful tales of alleged misogynistic conquests are not of some vile sex offender but someone who headed the topmost accountability agency for years on end. Former chairman of NAB Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal has been successfully evading the discomforting line of questioning for quite a while now.
Turning his back on the Public Accounts Committee despite a much-talked-about commitment to investigate his wrongdoings, Mr Iqbal claims he is beyond the mandate of the parliament. And since the air blowing from Constitution Avenue gives no whiff of acknowledging the gravity of such career-breaking accusations, he might get away with letting his lust take centre stage in such a coveted office for one more time.
After all, Tayyaba Gul is not alone in lifting the lid off his inappropriate advances, lewd comments and intimidating gestures. Over the years, many courageous women have stepped in the open with accusations against his misuse of power as head of the Commission of Inquiry into Enforced Disappearances in a bid to satiate his sickening appetite. However, recorded statements and even video evidence have done little but strengthen the conspiratorial narrative.
Every horror story has been swept under the rug using character assassination of the victims. Not an unbelievable detail in a society where sexual harassment is smirked at and rape accusations resonate with “money-making concerns.” For the last many years, NAB’s performance has been clouded by the politically vindictive agendas of those in power.
The last tenure of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf did not deliver on the greatly-hyped crusade of accountability. But if their publicly-acclaimed hitman loses the battle for his reputation, his sleazy acts would not only cause irrevocable damage to his institution’s performance card but also blow a whistle on the PTI’s campaign.