NAB Peshawar completes inquiry against Director Archaeology in Heritage Trail project


PESHAWAR (DLP Report ) – NAB Peshawar has completed an inquiry into the Heritage Trail project against Director Archeology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has completed inquiry into heritage trail project and forwarded it to the NAB chairman for further action. Inquiry proceedings have revealed financial irregularities amounting to millions of rupees. The inquiry has revealed massive corruption in Archeology Complex, Gore Gathari, Wall City and Heritage Trail projects.
According to the NAB documents, PC-1 of four projects worth Rs200 million was repeatedly revised to Rs714 million. The lowest bid for Package One was 95.85, but the project was awarded to M/s Oriental Engineers Islamabad for Rs 124.95 million. The documents of the company M/s HCI construction company which was given the Package Two Project turned out to be fake.

The lowest bid was Rs99.9 million for the Package Three Project but the project was awarded for Rs115.66 million to M/s AQ khan Mardan. Fake documents were also submitted in Package 3. The Packet Four project was offered at Rs 82.11 million to M/s Glow Interiors instead of Rs 72.08 million. The documents mentioned that additional works worth Rs. 65.73 and Rs. 63.68 million were also given to M/s Oriental Engineers Pvt Ltd and Glow Interiors as left over packages of Package 1 and Package 4. Forged documents submitted by M/s Oriental Engineers in this project while M/s Glow Interiors is involved in other mega scandals of corruption as well.