Nabila Salon Pays A Beautiful Tribute To Late Model Zara Abid


Zara Abid; a precious life, lost too soon. This however, doesn’t mean that the 95 other people who passed away in the tragic airplane crash on May 22nd 2020, weren’t precious. But, since Zara happened to be a supermodel and a celebrity, the shock was a bit too much for everyone who had seen her on screen.

After Zara’s tragic demise, her friends and family have remembered her in beautiful words.

To honor the wonderful human being that Zara was and her memories, Nabila Salon, paid a heartfelt tribute to Zara with a video that captures Zara in her essence.

The tribute refers to Zara as a dreamer, the game changer and a trend setter. Zara, as known by her close friends and family, was a ray of sunshine and an extremely kind human being.

The video also features heartbreaking messages from a few of Zara’s close friends and acquaintances that she often worked with and everyone remembers her in great words. The video will move you as it shows a young girl making it big in life before she lost it all in a plane crash.