Naqvi lays foundation stone of Lady Willingdon Hospital’s reconstruction


Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi Naqvi on Monday criticized the unethical practice of receiving full salaries for inadequate work, labeling it as “unlawful earnings”.
During the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Lady Willingdon Hospital’s reconstruction project as chief guest, Mohsin Naqvi delivered a resounding message aimed at revolutionizing the healthcare sector.
Naqvi stressed the need for doctors to earn lawful earnings, aligning their salaries with the dedication and hours they invest in their work. He underscored the importance of legitimate earnings in every profession, equating salary with the completion of one’s duty.
Naqvi urged individuals in fields where serving people is considered a form of worship to excel in their work, stating that it is incorrect to falter in such cases. He emphasized the importance of maintaining ethical practices in the face of challenges, discouraging the consumption of unethical earnings.
Addressing the medical community, he emphasized a shift in focus from fixing doctors to addressing the shortcomings within the hospital facilities. “Instead of fixing the doctors, they are correcting their shortcomings,” asserted the Chief Minister, highlighting a commitment to providing necessary facilities to hospitals.
Touching upon the Lady Willingdon Hospital reconstruction project, Naqvi highlighted the dire condition of the old building, with standing water in the basement for two decades and visible cracks. He defended the decision to construct a new state-of-the-art facility spanning two and a half lakh square feet.
He lauded the collaboration between the FWO and Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab (IDAP) in the reconstruction project. He expressed pride in IDAP’s construction quality, likening their work to that of foreign experts.
The CM assured that there would be no compromise on construction quality, even if the completion period fluctuates. Naqvi also shared optimism about the completion of the Gujranwala Expressway and SL-3 projects ahead of schedule.
He acknowledged the transformation of King Edward Medical University, asserting that the Lady Willingdon Hospital would follow suit. Despite an initial estimated completion period of two years, Naqvi expressed optimism that FWO could finish the project within 12 months.