National Unity Needed


Ali Anwar

Whenever general elections are held in the country, political alliances continue to be formed and broken. Regarding the election to be held on February 8, I had submitted in my previous column that if it is delayed for some time, there is no surprise. It is not because the country is on the track with great difficulty and considering the economic conditions of the country, the political parties should decide that the country is more important or the election is more important.
In this context, Pakistan Muslim League Zia chief Ijazul Haq has announced the formation of a new political alliance under the name of “National Unity Alliance”.According to news sources, President Pakistan Muslim League-Zia (PML-Z) and former federal minister Ijazul Haq last Sunday announced forging Qaumi Yakjehti Alliance (QYA) of independent candidates and like-minded small political parties to end polarization in the country and give tangible solution to problems being faced by the country. Flanked by former chief minister Punjab Usman Buzdar, Amin Aslam, Hamid Yar Hiraj and Salim Baryar at a press conference at a local hotel here, he outlined the goals of his political alliance, including running the country on ideological grounds.
Ijazul Haq said the country was pushed back on the economic front while dearness soared to new heights during the past 16 months of government by the PML-N and PPP, adding that it was need of the hour that like-minded politicians get together to help the country move forward. Claiming to provide a platform for ideological politics in the country, he said the Charter of Democracy (CoD) proved a death knell for politics of ideology and principles, adding the country’s politics was governed by selfishness. He claimed to have the support of the like-minded 25 politicians from the length and breadth of the country, adding that he was in touch with small political parties as well. He further disclosed his plans to visit Balochistan and Sindh during the next few days to muster extensive support through alliances for the QYA. He expressed the hope to ally with PML-F. He said the politicians who plan to contest elections as independents are welcome to join the alliance so that the country could be run as per the ideology of Pakistan.
Ijazul Haq, to a query, said the political parties could not devise any strategy to drive the country out of the vicious cycle of poverty and energy crisis in the past, adding that these political parties failed miserably to achieve progress despite huge claims. Ijazul Haq further said that the QYA will take the overseas Pakistanis on board as well, adding that a manifesto will be announced shortly after making necessary additions to the manifesto of PML-Z. To a query.
Mainly, I am mentioning this alliance because it is also an alliance of the patriots and the representatives of South Punjab. After all, we have seen that whenever someone ascends the throne of Lahore, he forgets Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. But Ijaz-ul-Haq has always talked about the improvement and development of these districts.
Second, the people involved in this political alliance are the lovers of Pakistan, who believe that all those who care about the country should gather under one umbrella, who do not love power, whose ideology is similar to the two-nation ideology, who believe that even if the elections are postponed for some time, there will be no doomsday.
If we talk about the central parties at that time, then PP and PML-N were with each other for power, but as soon as the time of power ended, both of them had thrown accusations at each other and both parties blamed each other. Politicians should also form alliances for the sake of the country. It should not be that they unite for power and then blame each other when the elections are held. It is time to leave such attitudes behind.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.
National Unity Alliance is just the first drop of rain, and I think that politicians who love the country should unite for national unity and sit down to solve the country’s problems.
Some say that so-and-so is a friend of Modi, and some say that so-and-so is not sincere with Pakistan. Because of such attitudes, the country has already suffered enormous losses, that Pakistan’s economy has derailed, which has barely recovered.
Through this column, I have a suggestion and demand for all political parties they adopt a plan together with the ruling forces of Pakistan, which is for the betterment of democracy and Pakistan. Therefore, it is very important to establish national unity for the election on whether the election should be held on February 8 or postponed for some time and a new date be given for the election.