Nawaz Shareef comes Pakistan afte Eid-Ul Azha: Abid Sher Ali


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former minister Abid Sher Ali said Quaid Nawaz Shareef will come to Pakistan immediately after Eid-Ul-Ezha.
The consequences of Imran Khan’s steps, the Enemy of country and nation, are now in front of world: Abid Sher Ali
He said on Friday that 2300 million people of Pakistan are suffering from the consequences of country being caught in the clutches of International Monitory Fund (IMF).
Nefarious game was played in Pakistan to make fight between people and army to fulfill the agenda of this Jewish agent, said Abid Sher Ali.
He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) crossed all the limits of Islam and Pakistan.
Imran Niazi is the virus of social media who made failed attempt to provoked people of Pakistan. One who demolishes the memoires of martyrs can go the any extent. 09 May is the black in history Pakistan. They way Jinnah House was burned is unforgivable. The kind of enmity India cannot dare that made Imran Niazi, he added.
PML-N leader said provoking people on violence, attacking state memoirs and army installations was done on the order of Niazi.
He said Army is the asset and pride of nation due to which we sleep peacefully.
Abid Sher Ali said to strengthen the party workers spread widely. future is of PML-N.
He was addressing on the occasion of inauguration of dispensary in people colony no 02, Haseena Chowk.
MPA Tahir Jameel and many others including chairman and vices chairman were present on the occasion.
He said PML-N always did politics of peace and brotherhood. Imran Niazi did nothing but provoked youth on violence, my mission is serving people. After record success in election we will continue serving people.
Abid Sher Ali said he never left people alone even when he was out of power.
On the occasion former MPA Mian Tahir Jamil also addressed people and said we never left people alone.
Every patriot is sorrow on the incident of 09 May. In these hours of sorrow and regret, all nation stands by the Pak Army. The way PTI is becoming tool of external powers in lust of power is unforgivable, he said.
Further he said to improve the condition, development and construction work will start soon in Govt School of Ghousia chawk people colony no 2.
He said drainage system will also so be improved soon.
Rai Afzal Chaudhry thanked Abid Sher Ali and Tahir Jamil and said rehabilitation of dispensary in Union Council is great service of people, all people living in area are grateful to you, thousands people will be benefited by this dispensary.
He said area was like orphan from long period but people were looking toward you and they hoped that you will solve all the problems on priority basis as soon as you will get free.
Former Vice Chairman Mian Shehzad said constituency’s development and construction is due Abid Sher Ali and Mian Tahir Jameel’s unending services which will be remembered ever.
He said constituency is orphan from a long time and it is needs to start grounds, green belts and drainage systems for the development so that peoples problem come down.