Nawaz’s dislodgment portrayed as heroic return: says Gill


Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on political communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill said Saturday PML-N was portraying former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s dislodgment from United Kingdom (UK) as his decision to return back.
“Nawaz Sharif’s plea for visa extension in London has been rejected. He is in appeal right now but he knows that he will be dislodged from UK” Shahbaz Gill tweeted on Saturday.
“His dislodgment from UK is being portrayed as his political decision to return to Pakistan. Cowards can never be braves” Shahbaz Gill said.
In a subsequent tweet, Shahbaz Gill said that some people were used to propagate Nawaz Sharif as a revolutionary leader. “First, they used some people to portray Nawaz Sharif as revolutionary leader. Now the same elements have been used to create narrative for Nawaz’s return after a ‘deal’ with the establishment” Shahbaz Gill tweeted.