New Year Wishes From Pakistani Celebrities


Today, 1st of January marks the start of the new year 2024. The previous year has been a blend of both joyful and tragic moments.
New Year eve has officially begun after midnight, and globally, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People arrange parties, make wishes, and pray for their friends, carrying on the celebrations throughout the night till the morning of January 1st.
They welcome the new year with optimism and hopeful aspirations. Friends do exchange gifts as well. This year, Muslim Ummah is celebrating the New year with prayers for Palestinian brothers and sisters.
This year, the Pakistani nation isn’t taking part in any new year celebration, however, a few people are making prayers and extending wishes.
A few are celebrating New Year as well. Pakistani celebrities are particularly sharing messages on New Year Eve.
They are conveying heartfelt and warm wishes for the New Year through their official social media platforms.