Nikah solemnized, bride handed over to EC: Shibli


Minister of Science and Technology Shibli Faraz while referring to Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) has said the Nikkah has been solemnized and the bride has been handed over to Election Commission (EC).
“ EVM is a political death for opposition including Bilawal. Opposition considers it a sin to press button of this machine”, he said this in a statement issued here Saturday.
EVM is a authenticated calculator, he said adding there is no need of internet, YFY and blue tooth therein.
Opposition has even not touched it, he pointed out.
He observed EVM has been manufactured as per election rules. Election Commission made only one experience from 2017 to 2021. Which machine has to be kept, it has to be decided by election commission. If election commission wants to bring more improvement, it can do so.
He underlined now the election commission will have to work on it following the passage of law in assembly. We cannot impede the way of new era. Casting vote on EVM is very easy. The supporters of status quo resist change, he added.