No accused can be arrested from courts’ premises: IHC


Police has been stopped from arresting any accused from the premises of Islamabad High Court (IHC) or any subordinate court.
The case related to arrest of female accused from the premises of IHC came up for hearing before IHC Monday.
Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir of IHC who is hearing the case has issued order that no accused will be arrested from jurisdiction of high court, sessions court and Judicial complex.
It has been told that SSP Investigation Rukhsar Mehdi appeared in IHC under court’s order.
SSP investigation said she is ashamed of what arrest has been made by the police man from the premises of court.
Judge of IHC remarked you are highly competent and upright officer . You should meet your IG and make SOP. Make your SOP by holding meeting with IG Islamabad. Tell the IG no accused will be arrested from the premises of court. Make the Police SOP and inform us.
SSP investigation said generally arrest is not made from the premises. I don’t know why it has been done in this case. The respective ASI has been suspended. More investigation is being made. It will not be done in future.
The court remarked the aim for telling you was this arrests have been started from the premises of court. That was woman. As soon as she went out of court she was arrested. Fact is known to you. In May 2023 some FIR was registered. We asked if there is some other case and it was told there is no other case. When she went out she was arrested. Have a meeting with your IG and settle the SOPs.
Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir remarked you will seek directives on stopping arrests from premises of court. You will provide the order of the meeting here whatever it is. We give you two days time. See the case of co-accused due to which this lady was arrested.
The hearing of the case was adjourned for two days.