No one is above law: CJ IHC


Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minallah has remarked no one is above law.
He gave these remarks during the hearing of case related to alleged occupation of land of two widows by Defence Housing Authority (DHA) here Thursday.
The court ordered CDA should consider this matter in next meeting of CDA Board and decide about it as per law.
The court further ordered that a report thereof be filed in the court on next hearing.
The court extended its order for preventing the DHA from acquiring the land forcibly till January 11 .
The court while addressing the counsel for CDA remarked “ has master plan ended. What are you doing. Either the court should be told the master plan has been abolished then CDA will also come to end. This matter should be kept before CDA board and matter be decided as per law.
The court observed one thing should be kept in mind that no one is above law. Have you become law and are not abiding by law. Who is land acquisition collector who is doing all on his own.
Besides CDA, only Federal Government Housing Authority (FGHA) is empowered to acquire land. Land collector some time is acquiring land for DHA and some time for the school of IB.
The counsel for CDA told the court CDA has given no permission to acquire land.
The CJ IHC remarked “ you are regulator and you don’t know about land acquisition. If CDA has not accorded permission then how land collector is issuing notices. In future every society will ask land acquisition collector for acquiring land. You are saying you have not given permission. Why you are shaming yourself by giving this statement.
The CJ IHC further remarked “ a law is in force here. CDA is regulator of Islamabad. CDA works out scheme and under it land can be acquired. FGHA too can not go beyond master plan. Law is supreme and it has to be implemented. The court adjourned the hearing of the case till January 11.